Paper Magic Tricks Course

Paper Magic Tricks

Paper Magic Tricks is a collection of simple, amazing magic tricks that you can learn, make, and perform with nothing more than printed paper, scissors, and glue. It’s the perfect rainy-day activity, gift for a magic aficionado, or person who likes to learn new skills that are fun to share. 

Paper Magic is recommended for ages 8 and up. These tricks aren’t just for kids, though. Adults will also be creatively challenged and find the principles fascinating. Purchase instant access to the complete course for $45

This is the magic kit that you print and make-at-home!

The Paper Magic Tricks course includes ten lessons, each one teaching a magic trick, stunt, or routine. Performing and presenting them will take some practice, but that’s also where your creativity and imagination can come into play!

You can print the graphics in either color or black-and-white. (You can also print in black and white and color and decorate the props to fit you, which is even better.) The PDF files are yours to keep. Need to make a second copy? Easy – just print another one!

Each lesson includes:
* Downloads to print and make the required props
* Performance video 
* Set-up video showing step-by-step how the props are made
* Explanation video showing how the trick works 
* Plus extra ideas, thoughts, and creative challenges 

Price: $45 for instant downloads of all PDF files plus access to the full Video Vault showing the performance, setup, and explanation for all ten lessons

That’s less than $5/lesson!  To put this in perspective, Jeff currently charges $150/hour for private Zoom magic lessons.

Order now for access to the video vault here you can download the individual PDF files and links for the performance and explanation videos for each of the nine lessons.  

Course subscribers: if you have received your passcode, click here to enter the Video Vault and begin the Paper Magic Tricks course.

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