Magic Tricks and Secrets DVD

This video course in magic is the next-best-thing to having a personal lesson in the art of magic.

If you want to learn Magic Tricks and Secrets to amaze your friends, you’re at the right place! Jeff Evans’ two-disc course in magic is a great way for kids – or adults – to learn to perform amazing tricks that are fun to do. Best of all, everything is done with regular items you already have at home or can easily find at a local store. Recommended whether you want to learn to perform magic for the school talent show, or want a trick to entertain your grandkids!

Jeff Evans lives in Olympia, Washington and has performed magic professionally throughout the Pacific Northwest since 1997. He has taught hundreds of classes in magic and shares not only how the tricks work, but also the whyYou’ll learn how to use misdirection, patter, and tips on presentation to make your magic as fun to watch as it is to do! You’ll see Jeff present a show for a live audience, then travel “backstage” to learn how to prepare and perform for your own family or friends.

Living Room Magic Volume 1 features:

Cut and Restored String
One of Jeff’s all-time favorites, this deceptive trick requires a little advance preparation and then is nearly self-working in actual performance.  The secret here is very, very clever. 

Fantastic Five Card Trick
An excellent card trick where you both find a selected card AND produce the four Aces.  Follow the instructions for this with a deck of cards in hand and you may surprise yourself when it works itself. 

Fingertip Eyesight
“My friends laughed when I told them I could read with my fingers, buy they stopped and stared in awe as I correctly named every color crayon or marker placed in my hands.”  You’ll have stories like this tell after learning this stunt you can do anywhere you can get your hands on a few crayons or markers! 

Clippo Bunny
Many people say this routine is their favorite, and for a good reason.  The fun story is built-in and it uses the simplest of items; paper and scissors… along with a special something only magicians know about!

Living Room Magic Volume #2 Price: $14.95 + Shipping: $3.00

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